Giants versus Titans
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Giants versus Titans is a platform for one and all to get involved in the world of fun challenges! Meaningful fun to mould a better me and a better world. Giants versus Titans will inspire Communities through Meaningful Fun. Whilst the primary emphasis will be on increasing general knowledge via quiz challenges, GvT can also include other challenges like futsal, scrabbles and just about whatever YOU'd like to organise to inspire your community to greater heights.
All GvT challenges are designed to deliver fun, empower and encourage giving back to the needy and Planet Earth.
1. Fun, a sense of Happiness, Community and Camaraderie.
2. Self empowerment . Participants gain knowledge, improve skills, network.
3. A sense of Giving Thankfully. Give back to the less fortunate and Planet earth
In the GvT world, your date of birth determines if you are a Giant or a Titan. If you are born on an odd numbered day in any month you are a Giant. If you are born on an even numbered day in any month, you are a Titan!
GvT will aim to nudge participants to embrace the spirit of Journo Si Desti Ta! (The joy is in the Journey, not the Destination)

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